Free and CRM

Free CRM Click to Call

Using Free crm, you can click to call your contacts and leads and burn thru your prospecting. With integrated calling to any US number our voip crm automates and speeds up your calling in CRM.

Sales Pipeline

Voice Powered Sales

Powerful sales pipeline and deal tracking lets you find the bottlenecks and close more deals. Add the power of Free power dialing and increase the number of outbound calls per hour per agent. Gain huge efficiency using voip powered CRM to close more sales.

Free Automation


Combining the CRM automation features with powerful voice automation can make your campaigns return on investment go thru the roof. Now you can fully integrate all of your campaigns - email direct mail and call campaigns are all managed with a few clicks.

Add Mobile


You can use our CRM on any Android, iOS, or Windows phone or Blackberry just using the device browser. Go ahead and use an Android tablet, iPad, Microsoft Surface or anything with our CRM. It works wherever you are and wherever you go.

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Companies & Contacts

Tracking all of your calls to your contacts, leads, prospects, customers, vendors - everything from one view with one single click. You can disposition calls quickly and move on to the next lead. Our call automation and scripting, call reports and more can have you flying through your lists and closing more deals faster with more business insight and intelligence.

Activity & Pipeline

The sales and activity pipelines help visualize your sales funnel with graphs and charts showing where each deal is in what stage. Our CRM can help you pinpoint bottlenecks in your sales process and makes it easy for sales people and managers to keep their finger on the pulse of your organization's sales.

Calls & Voice

Free CRM has powerful call tracking and call scheduling and automation features that sets it apart from the rest. Most other CRM systems do not have powerful call scripting; follow up, scheduling and call reporting with detailed call center features. Our VoiceCRM product is powered by the latest WebRTC technology, which lets you call any US phone number with just a click. Go ahead and try the Voice calling today. CRM with VOIP calling and auto dialing features


Using our Form tool you can create complex surveys and question and answer forms which you can send to your customers or leads and get back and report on information collected directly from the customers. Forms help not just sales but also customer support and trouble ticket tracking as well as sentiment analysis for the results submitted. Our easy form builder lets you quickly put together your information collection and design and then blast it out or send to targeted prospects.


With over 65 pre-configured reports, plus over 15 sales pipeline reports and call reports, we give you all of the tools that you need to analyze your business and make decisions. Knowing the progress of your team or individual members, the reporting section gives you instant data on how your team is doing in closing more sales and taking customer service requests.

Marketing Campaigns

Integrated Free calling can help power up your marketing campaigns, and combined with direct mail and email campaigns can really lift your business. Now you can have your voice campaigns coordinated completely with your email and direct mail using advanced CRM tools. Automating and analyzing all of the information about your campaigns and how you message your customers and leads or prospects is also a part of any CRM.

Task & Event Tracking

Tasks are used to track things that may have deadlines and assignments and help with your workflows and can be thought of as To-Do's or work items. Tasks are also used for project management and are integrated into the CRM, making the tool a more powerful groupware software that automates team activities and responsibilities.

Import & Export

Do you have existing data that you want to import into the CRM? Our import tool will take any CSV file and import the data into the system. You can create as many custom fields as you like in the CRM, so go ahead and customize as much as your business needs. Importing data from Salesforce, ACT or any other CRM is easy. You can always export your data as well any time you want with no limitations.

Print & SMS

Our marketing automation includes direct mail and print campaign management combined with Microsoft Word integration, which lets you use Word templates for mass mailings and also direct mail and print campaigns. Want to send out thousands of targeted SMS messages to your customers' mobile phones? It is easy with our CRM to target groups with SMS marketing.

Alerts & Reminders

Whether it is reminding you of a call in 15 minutes or your next big meeting, alerts and reminders help your team keep up with their agenda and schedule. When new data is entered, edited, or deleted, alerts can be set up with rules that let your team know what is happening and if there are important things to take care of in the system. Get everyone on the same page and make sure you don't miss that important phone call, our alerts and reminders are one of the best features that will keep you up to date and the entire team running like a well oiled machine.

Mobile iOS & Android

Free CRM works on all mobile phones and tablets. Just launch your browser and get working with no app to download or configure. Our CRM is streamlined for mobile and over 25% of our users access our CRM with mobile devices or tablets from anywhere.

Group Calendar

Get everyone on the same page with our powerful integrated group calendar. Every activity in the CRM is logged into the calendar, whether it's a call, a meeting, a customer service ticket, task or anything else, it's all easily tracked on our powerful group calendar. Set reminders and schedule activities for yourself or your coworkers, our group calendar can be used as a real groupware tool.


With just a click you can upload files and share them with your team. You can also attach documents to any data within the CRM, such as contacts, companies, deals, tasks, and events -- relating your important documents to the data in the CRM with the ease of point and click. Why use or Dropbox when you can have it all integrated in your CRM?

Backup & Security

We you export your data anytime with a click and you can always get a complete backup of all of your data. Powered by 128-bit SSL security, our bank-grade encryption keeps your data safe and secure. Since 2003 we have been providing this service without any successful breech of our security and systems and we will keep your data as safe as any with the most secure data centers in the world.

Customer Support

Tracking customer support cases is just as important as tracking sales, and our system takes care of both with powerful ticket tracking and help desk functions. Support staff has all of the access to the customer records and sales history, making it easy to track and resolve issues. We also have a powerful knowledge base system that can help your team identify and work problems out quickly.