Get the most out of your CRM system and automate your inbound sales and customer service requests. Using API and XML Web Services, you can empower your web site to collect and distribute information directly into the CRM system.

API and XML Web Services are a way that you can get information into and out of the CRM system using external methods, like a web form on your web site. For example you may have a "Contact" or "Customer Service" form on your web site, and when your customers or users enter information into these forms, that information can automatically go directly into the CRM system.

Simply use our PHP and ASP enabled code templates in your site's web forms, and you'll immediately be able to capture all of your customer support and sales leads in real-time, directly in the CRM system. You can use any technology to integrate our API and XML Web Services API including JAVA and .NET/C# technologies -- we use a standards-based API XML transaction system that is easy to use and integrate. Using our API/XML Web Services, you can decrease the amount of inbound emails and capture all of your important data communications directly in the CRM system.

Do you collect sales lead information on your web site using email forms? You can still get those emails, and using our API Web Services, the data can be entered directly as new contacts or companies in the CRM system. If you have online customer support forms, those forms can also be activated with our API Web Services to open support cases directly within the CRM system.

Use our secure, standards-based API Web Services to let your systems interact with other business systems within your organization. You can input and export information directly to and from the CRM system, in real time, to any system that utilizes standards-based API transactions. Sharing information with your CRM and other business systems is simple, lightweight, and secure.

Reduce data-entry time by centralizing data flow to the CRM system directly. You can push and pull information directly to and from the CRM system to any other type of application. Upload an unlimited amount of data to the system -- store as many files as you like in your company's shared document management system. Data storage is unlimited for both files and information.

Available for Professional Subscription customers only