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Our 2-Way Synchronization technology allows you to coordinate your data between the CRM and mobile devices and Microsoft's Outlook. Based upon the Funambol Mobile Application Server from Funambol, Inc. our 2-way synchronization allows you to manage your CRM calendar, contacts, and tasks with a variety of mobile devices including Palm Pilot, RIM / BlackBerry and PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices as well as any SyncML enabled phone or PIM.

A Download link is posted below for each of the CRM Sync conduits.

CRM Sync is offered for Professional Edition CRM only.

Microsoft Outlook Sync

Synchronize your calendar and events, contacts and tasks to Microsoft's Outlook personal information manager. Our true 2-way synchronization technology lets you keep your CRM information and your Outlook in tune with each other. As you change data in CRM or in Outlook, synchronize to keep data updated in both systems. Synchronize the Calendar and Contacts in Outlook to your CRM and from the CRM to your Outlook; Tasks in the CRM synchronize to To-Dos in Outlook, providing a seamless integration.

Click here for Instuctions and Download for Outlook CRM Sync

RIM/ Blackberry sync

RIM / BlackBerry users have the option of using the Outlook Sync or our DirectSync for BlackBerry. Using our DirectSync technology, your contacts and calendar items can be synchronized with a touch of the button from your BlackBerry device to the CRM. Real 2-way synchronization between the CRM and your BlackBerry can be achieved, giving you a completely coordinated data view on your handheld. BlackBerry users may wish to use the Microsoft Outlook CRM Sync product instead and utilize the BlackBerry sync to Outlook, which will provide synchronization for contacts, events and tasks.

Download the RIM/ Blackberry Sync Conduit

Windows Smart Phone Sync

Windows Smartphone users can synchronize contacts and address book information between devices and the CRM using our Windows Smart Phone synchronization application. For increased functionality use the Outlook CRM Sync (above) in conjunction with your normal Outlook / Windows Smart Phone sync / conduit so that you can sync contacts, events and tasks.

Download the Windows Mobile Sync

Microsoft PocketPC Sync

Sync contacts, calendars and tasks to your PocketPC / Windows Mobile device using our CRM synchronization application. Real 2-way synchronization allows you to coordinate your CRM data and take it with you, on the go with your PocketPC and Windows Mobile handhelds.

Download PocketPC CRM Sync