Deals are why you are here! In FreeCRM, the Deal feature set lets you manage and track your leads, applying sounds sales methodology to take your business to the next level.

Deals are tracked through status, showing what stage the customer is in, in the deal flow. Such as received a quote, estimate, a purchase order or if an invoice and commission are due. The Deal feature set allows you to see if quotas are being met and also identify new opportunities within new or existing customers.

Pipeline provides tables, reports, and charts & graphs showing how your sales team and campaign are doing. By entering products and services and tracking leads you can:


Create a complete view of your sales process

Analyze the progress any given campaign, cycle, or employee is doing

Quantify your sales success over time


Tracking deals brings cohesiveness to the people who support your sales as well. The support and services staff can collaborate throughout the sales cycle to demonstrate and deliver team success in selling and servicing your customers. Now, Services and Support can help close sales stuck in the pipeline by showing their value to your organization