Your Business is unique. The Free CRM Company list provides robust and flexible organizational tracking and contact management. Easily track organizations, vendors, partners - any entity in any way that you want with completely customizable fields to support any activity - B2B, B2C, even non profit (NPO) or government organizations - the possibilities are limitless. Organize by category or status, priority or your own custom filters, instantly import and export lists, create an unlimited number of lists and access and share organizational information across your team.

All sales calls, trouble tickets, and customer activities can be tracked and reported. Email campaigns and call automation tracking features are organized by Company and are made available to all other parts of the system.

Do you...

Need to manage and track contacts within the companies you service or sell to?

Want to organize your Sales, Touches, and Calls to those companies so your organization to sell and service them more effectively?

Want to treat your Sales activities with intelligent Historical tracking, Workflow and Automation, not just a spreadsheet and your memory?

need this Group Calendar to send email notifications so no one ever has an excuse for missing an event again?

By tracking Companies your organization does business with, your teams can orchestrate more effective sales campaigns and identify and share opportunities to other parts of your organization so you can sell, and service that sale more effectively and efficiently.

Track calls, History, Trouble Tickets, and Sales Activities
Introduce Workflow and Automation to Sales Campaigns, Vendors, and Prospects
Bridge Contact Management data with tasks, deals, calendar events, and more!