Recurring Commissions

We have a terrific program for affiliates -- become our partner and help make a huge success! We're offering you the opportunity to capitalize on your knowledge of the Internet and to help us to increase our user base. With over 268,000 companies using our software today, we're the largest on-demand CRM vendor in the world -- and we only want to get bigger!

We're offering you an opportunity to make recurring revenue for each and every customer you bring to us. We make it worth the effort by paying out 20% recurring commission for the life of the customer.

That's right, 20% recurring commission for the duration of the customer's service.

For example, let's say that you refer a 10 person company to us -- that's $149.50 per month in total revenue. We'll write you a check for 20% of that every month -- that's $29.90 per month for the length of the customer's service.

If you can sign up one such company every month, at the end of a year we'll write you a check every month for $358.80 -- that's $4,305.60 per year, just for referring one ten-person business per month.

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